Planet Pret

Run in partnership with Pret A Manger, Planet Pret is a one-day workshop for Year 11, 12, 13, and college students. Unlike Perfectly Pret, this programme is focused on understanding sustainability and aimed at developing candidates for Pret’s apprenticeship scheme.

The workshop gives students an opportunity to understand Pret’s Sustainability Plan. Students will be tasked with designing their own idea, while learning about all the career opportunities available at Pret. 

The session will be held in school where students will compete in groups to create a pitch for their idea, with the support of Pret volunteers.

Curriculum linked schemes of work and support materials are also provided for the workshop, meaning students will receive an opportunity to learn about the key aspects associated with the key areas of sustainability from food waste to sustainable sourcing.

The programme will take part during National Apprenticeship Week 4-8th March 2019

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