M&GPrudential Skills For Life

‘Skills for Life’ is a mentoring employability programme for students in Year 12. Designed by the Transformation Trust (TT) in partnership with M&GPrudential, it has been successfully running in London for the past four years.  We are now expanding the programme to offer students in Edinburgh, Stirling and Dublin the opportunity to take part (in addition to offering this opportunity to a new cohort of students in London).  The programme consists of four facilitated sessions all delivered at the offices of M&GPrudential by an experienced TT facilitator. 

There is an increasing demand for transferable skills in the modern job market.  ‘Skills for Life’ helps sixth form students develop skills in team work, leadership, resilience, communication and problem solving in addition to giving them opportunities to meet new people and taste what it is like to work in a large corporate office.   

Students work with mentors from M&GPrudential, and take part in a series of interactive workshops, developing employability skills and covering topics such as building a CV, body language and communication, networking, financial planning and preparing for an interview. 

Programme Details

Schools are able to book places for students in Year 12 and students will need to commit to attending all four sessions. Schools are responsible for organising travel to and from the sessions and for providing a member of school staff to attend with the students.

Dates of the programme to be confirmed in the near future.

If you would like to book places for your students, please click below to confirm your initial expression of interest.  Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

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I have got so much more confident and more passionate. It has been a great opportunity.
— Student Participant
These sessions have helped me build communications skills, cooperation skills and networking which are really good things for the future.
— Student Participant