Which? Junior University

Junior University was a programme for Year 10 students that involved pairs of undergraduates from a local university coming in to schools to run six hours’ worth of a university-style project with students. After the workshop(s), students had the opportunity to visit a local university for a Celebration Day to visualise what they learned in the context of a true university setting. 

While university is not for everyone, Junior University gave students a real flavour of what university life is really like by working side by side with undergraduate mentors and experiencing the university campus. 

Alongside the free, independent information from Which? University, Junior University provided Year 10s with the support, confidence, and information they need, and enabled them to make an informed decision about attending university that is right for them.

Our overall aim was to raise students’ aspirations, with the view to opening up their horizons and demonstrating the opportunities that university brings.

The Programme ran over the academic year at various Universities across England.  


Junior University has been a fantastic chance to offer a positive perspective on higher education and critical thinking to people who might not have thought that further study was for them. I have been impressed with the participants’ enthusiasm for all parts of the programme. In particular, it has been a privilege to see the quality of the presentations on the celebration days. I feel strongly that the programme has benefited all involved, the mentors included!

— Ruben Brooke, Junior University Student Mentor